Oncology Esthetics

Dr. Shal is a certified Oncology Esthetician & offers select esthetic procedures to those with or recovering from cancer.

The certification, earned through the Oncology Esthetics® Foundation Training facilitated by Oncology Training International (OTI), prepares professional estheticians to provide safe, personalized esthetic treatments to individuals with health-challenged skin.

Through Oncology Training International (OTI), Dr. Shal underwent extensive training in understanding how cancer and therapy treatments affect the body at the physical and psychological level. The Training explored the side effects of cancer therapies, and how those are further compounded by various medications and the importance of proper sanitation to support weakened immune systems. Certification also required Dr. Shal learn how to personalize each esthetic service using safe guidelines plus using skin care products with non-carcinogenic skin care ingredients.

"Beyond keeping my business on the cutting-edge, this certification will allow me to safely serve a new, and very deserving, base of individuals with health challenged skin. My goal is to provide safe and effective esthetic skin treatments."                                           

Dr. Shal,

Owner of Quintessential Esthetics

"Estheticians work with the largest organ on the human body — the skin. Understanding how to safely and effectively treat the skin, particularly when it is challenged by cancer is paramount to the psychological and physical care of the client."

Morag Currin,

Founder of Oncology Training International

We proudly use the Hale & Hush - Sensitive Skincare Specialists,
for our Oncology Esthetic procedures.

With roots in oncology cosmeceuticals, Hale & Hush is the only professional skincare line to focus exclusively on sensitive skin.

Many brands carry a sensitive product or series, which may still be too harsh. Others might strip all active ingredients from a product and label it “sensitive.” Sensitive skin requires specialized products that are effective yet mild. With the gentlest cosmeceutical products in the skincare industry, Hale & Hush unites the once-separate branches of anti-aging and sensitive skincare. Skin is soothed, comforted and balanced, while the strategic introduction of superior ingredients strengthens and revitalizes sensitive skin over time.

Only the finest ingredients are permitted in Hale & Hush products, with dermatology testing conducted on each and every product to ensure suitability for sensitive skin. We select herbs and botanicals over harsher chemicals, incorporating Nutricosmetics (nutritional components and antioxidants) wherever possible. Hale & Hush products are gluten-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free, and fragrance-free or naturally scented

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